In general, orthodontics deals with the identification, prophylaxis, and treatment of jaw and teeth malposition targeting to the reconstruction of a perfect masticatory functionality for the patient and his teeth after completion of the treatment.

A malposition of the teeth not only may look unaesthetic and may be obstructive while speaking, but this condition often means a surplus load for individual teeth and the mandibular joints. Furthermore, since particular teeth due to their malposition cannot be cleaned well cavities and periodontosis may occur.

Modern orthodontics is not a question of age. Healthy teeth could be corrected and brought to their perfect position for a lifetime. The small and steadily acting forces of an orthodontic apparatus cause a bone degradation to the pressured side and a bone built-up to the relieved counter-side – thus, in each age teeth could be selectively moved. However, for this a perfect and inflammation-free health condition of the tooth and the periodontium is a prerequisite.

Four Major Reasons for an Orthondotic Treatment

  1. Since the teeth malpositions reduces the hygiene ability of the teeth light dental plaque, cavities, tartar and following periodontis and bone degradation occurs because of the aggravated dental hygiene
  2. A malposition reduces the occlusal performance. The muscle and the mandibular joint will be overstressed.
  3. Frequently the facial aesthetic is impaired
  4. With children the jaw growth may be favourably influenced

Please ask us for advice. Together with you she will prepare the best possible treatment planning.

If necessary, the following orthodontic devices will be used:

  1. Retainers for children – currently, here the health insurance funds will grant a subsidy
  2. Functional orthodontic devices (FOD) – which control the jaw growth of children
  3. Fixed retainers: with metal and ceramic brackets, also incognito, which means internal invisible brackets
  4. Transparent splints like Invisalign: Here considerable results may be achieved, but they have their limitations Your orthodontist would like to consult you in all questions.

Regarding the cost and treatment scope please trustfully contact us. We recommend a reliable referral orthodontist. The doctor has the comprehensive experience as well as a profound expertise in the field of the entire orthodontics.

In a first consultation all possibilities will be recorded and models and photos as well as x-rays, where appropriate, for a thorough and detailed treatment planning will be made. Before commencing the treatment in a second meeting all details will be discussed with you.