Dear Colleagues,

We also understand ourselves as a referral dental office and we attach great importance to an optimum sharing of tasks. For referring colleagues we offer a close cooperation in for areas of dentistry: Endodontics (Referral)Oral Surgery (Referral) and Orthodontics (Referral).

In the microscopic Endodontics ((professional fee list for root canal treatments ) not only complicates canals may be filled or periapical osteolysis may be remedied by the treatment protocol according to the recommendation of the well known endontical societies but also the risks will be reduced to a minimum for simpler cases. Thus you may place your crowns and bridges onto a safe foundation.

In the areas of the oral surgery, orthodontics, and paediatric dentistry we will adopt all tasks you want to delegate.

Please complete one of the attached referral sheets and provide it to your patient. Following the treatment you will receive a patient’s letter and we send your patient back to your office for further care.

Referral form  Dr.Dr. Ulrich Arhold (surgery)

Referral form Dr. Zsolt Fischer (Endodontics)

Referral form  DDr. Andrea Borbely (Orthodontics)


Professional fee list for root canal treatments