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Prophylaxis Pays Off

Prevention is better than cure – we at Mein Zahn want that your own teeth will stay healthy. A perfect prophylaxis (prevention) therefore is the basic assumption for your dental health and also for your entire physical well-being. We would like to advise you on all issues of a comprehensive prophylaxis – what you can do good for your teeth at home and also how we in our practice can contribute to your bright smile. Dental plaque is the main reason for the development of decay and gum inflammation. With only a few hours plaque will build up on each tooth as well in the interdental spaces. A regular removal prevents of damages to your teeth and gum. Scientific studies have confirmed that a professional tooth cleaning, that will be performed several times a year,  and basic prophylaxis will be sufficient to avoid decay and gum diseases.

What You Can Do?

Proper toothbrushing is the natural basis for healthy teeth and a healthy gum. Oftentimes by traditional toothbrushing not all plaque may be completely removed. This foremost applies to hardly reachable interdental spaces, the areas below the gingival margin or already mineralized tartar. Therefore, as supplement a regular professional tooth cleaning in the dental office is recommended, preferably each six months.

How we can help you?

A professional tooth cleaning and oral hygiene should be performed by your dentist each six months. After explaining the course of treatment firstly all bacterial deposits (tartar and concretions) on all reachable tooth and root surfaces will be removed. So hardly reachable areas perfectly will be cleaned. The following polishing of your teeth with a special paste will smooth the surface of the teeth and hampers new deposits.


After the performed cleaning a fluoridation of the teeth takes place. For this for three minutes a fluor containing paste will be applied to the tooth rows using a workable splint. By this way the teeth will be beefed up and will become more resistant to bacterial invasions.

Fissure Sealing

Because of their deep furrows and dimples (fissures) on the occlusal surface the large and small molars are prone to decay since there very easily decay causing bacteria could accumulate. The fissures will be sealed with a special varnish and permanently will be protected from decay.